Always tinkering with something new. I think you’re right, if you use high-quality gear it should hopefully take that to near zero. I look forward to your next post. I could also afford to buy whatever brand or model I want to use. Accuracy International ASR - .300 Norma. If you’ve ever installed something with M-LOK, you know that you have to be careful to ensure each of the backing nuts are turned perpendicular to the hole, and apparently, there isn’t a way to “do it wrong” or not have full engagement for all the fasteners on AI’s keyslot design. I think AIs are phenomenal guns, but I think your failure to fire experience with the AI trigger is not an isolated incident. I always thought the conventional wisdom was to strive for the lighter side .001-.0015 neck tension at least for calibers similar to my 6.5X47 to get low ES which seems to work for me. After chatting with the team at Sporting Services, I found myself looking forward to receiving an Accuracy International AT with upgraded folding stock, and the option of slipping on a .243 Win barrel, which could be moderated. I ran the analysis on the left with a 12 fps SD and the simulation on the right with a 7 fps SD. Over two days in those crazy windy conditions, it was putting a lot of equipment to the test … in ways they hadn’t be tested before. I also ran a neck expander mandrel through each piece of brand new Lapua brass. Accuracy International. I’ve noticed a lot of other people who compete frequently use this same ear pro. The typical shooters of Accuracy International rifles are highly trained military and police units worldwide, and it is the needs of … Call (866) 271-7212 or contact us for more information. At up to 400 meters, this gun will be all you need for most standard hunting trips, up to and including white tail. That shows how far manufacturing has come in the past few years, and AI has been able to sell pre-fit barrels off the shelf for any of their actions for several years. I leaked one shot on the second group, but it’s still a 0.350” group.”. I’m at the point where trying to save a couple bucks is not nearly as important as my hearing and sanity Overall, I don’t see any downside to AI’s QuickLoc Barrel Clamp System, and it sure makes it convenient to remove and install a barrel without having to drag out a barrel vise and specialized tools. And I’m sure there are people from Accuracy International that will be reading these comments – maybe even the majority of their staff. For example, remember that I would have preferred the rifle weigh 2 to 3 pounds more? With the ammo I used and atmospherics at the Wyoming match, that would allow me to dial all the way out to 2900 yards! Accuracy International is a British firearms manufacturer based in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England.The company produces the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare series of precision sniper rifles.The company was established in 1978 by British Olympic shooting gold medallist Malcolm Cooper, MBE (1947–2001), Sarah Cooper, Martin Kay, and the designers of the weapons, Dave Walls and Dave Caig. This year they had on display their ASR Deployment Kit. Members of that group also had extensive experience with the unique requirements of a USSOCOM solicitation. Recoil reducing double chamber muzzle brake fitted as standard. Flat $9.99 Shipping on Firearms. Close. Just goes to show that sometimes, the caliber, velocity and accuracy don’t out weigh the shooter. Two things. The only way I know of someone can become a good shooter is out at the range … one round at a time! Sort by. Malfunctions are a different matter. Accuracy International Ltd. recently announced the launch of two new rifle models: the AX MKIII and the AX 50 ELR. You can go back and look at what scope topped my rifles a few years ago in my blog posts, and notice I’m not using those anymore. Accuracy International AXSR Review. You never have to send the action off to a gunsmith to custom chamber a barrel for that rifle. The Accuracy International ASR Deployment Kit is the direct result of USSOCOM's search for their next precision weapon dubbed the Advance Sniper Rifle or ASR. A-Tip was estimated to have roughly equivalent chamber pressure. Tony. In fact, at the Wyoming ELR match, they had a tie-breaker stage where each competitor fired one 3-shot group through a Shot Marker electronic target at 950 yards, and it would precisely measure the extreme spread of the group. Posted by 2 hours ago. Wow, Danny. Buy Accuracy International ASR .308/.300NM/.338NM: GunBroker is the largest seller of Bolt Action Rifles Rifles Guns & Firearms All Accuracy International sniper rifles have been battle proven since 1985. I do pick my actions and triggers with durability/resiliency in mind. Firing that many rounds over two days certainly doesn’t always go off without a hitch! Accuracy International, Ltd is widely regarded as the manufacturer of the world’s best sniper rifle systems. It depends on how small the targets are. Add to Wish List. Just seems like the new nice and tight firing pin works 10 times better. (3) Barrels chambered in .308 NATO, .300 Norma Mag and .338 Norma Mag … AI was founded in the 1980s by Dave Caig, Malcolm Cooper, and Dave Walls, three competitive rifle shooters. The results even surprised me with an increase in accuracy of 19% with the 300 grain bullets jumping about 0.100″. How to say accuracy. Mechanism Bolt Action. Hope that’s helpful! I’m guessing it doesn’t happen much with high quality gear and guns. Accuracy International ASR Rifle Kit .308/.300NM/.338NM 28918. My 300 Norma Imp. I understand that! This is a welcomed modern touch, and I was glad to see AI embrace it. Category Rifles. Military and Government, Accuracy International of North America Inc. Fredericksburg, VA, Tel: 540-368-3108 Fax: 540-368-3109 Email: DISTRIBUTORS He flat-out out-shot me, and everyone else there! I was conscious of … The Accuracy International action is the only major outlier among popular precision rifles, but because it departed from the Rem 700 design it can offer a few novel features. I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about Dr. Harold Vaughn’s book, Rifle Accuracy Facts, a hundred times too. GI#: 101526871. I’ll definitely post an update once they get the rifle back to the shop and get it checked out. The team at ADG has extensive first-hand experience working on U.S. military firearms and are very familiar with the unique requirements and goals of a USSOCOM solicitation that aren’t necessarily defined in the hard specs. AR pistol grips have been installed, a new safety switch has been added through the ASR program, in … So while I started off with 0.100” of jump and that is what I ended up sticking with, you’ll notice I did test a few other jumps. I recently spent a couple of months behind Accuracy International's new AXSR rifle chambered in 300 Norma Mag, firing almost 500 rounds. If you’re in the market for a top-tier rifle, the AI AXSR is a clear contender. accuracy international (in stock) 0.0. rem 700 .300 win mag stage 2 ax stock chassis. Every kit ships with: three barrels, five magazines and bolts for each caliber, a cleaning kit (including full length and sectional rods) and a Fix-it Sticks™ torque kit for all adjustments, sling, and soft carry case. This was just the first time I’d ever used a complete rifle build from AI, so I was overly cautious because of my lack of experience with it. Wade was on to this bullet jump thing a long time ago and has done a lot of testing in this area. going for $500 probably exceed the shooting ability of most rifle owners. I’d say my short answer is brass selection. That’s a lot! The simple fact is that sometimes some people will do incredibly stupid things, intentionally or otherwise. made all first-round hits), but I remember at least one impact hit a wolf in the face (far left side) and one impact was in the butt (far right side), meaning I used my full bracket. They are amplified, which is nice, but the biggest thing is they are custom-molded to my ears. I reached out to AI to see if I could share the name of that engineering firm. Great article as usual. It really did put a huge smile on my face the first time I fired it after shooting the 300 Norma for several weeks. While there were a few drawbacks, overall, I was extremely impressed, and the pros seem to outweigh the cons. A-Tips I was shooting a 6.5 PRC with the Hornady 147 gr. Designed to withstand constant military deployment, the AX ELR from Accuracy International is based on the DNA of the battle proven AW50. Add to Compare. I was really happy with my finish. Iain Harrison explains, “Remington’s first priority with the 700 was ease of manufacture, with accuracy being a fortunate byproduct — with more than 5-million rifles in circulation, this isn’t a dig at Big Green, which has a hugely successful lineup often used as a base for accurized custom builds.”. load and wrote down what the energy was at the muzzle, and then I ran the ballistics for the 230 gr. Mark Gordon is a maniac when it comes to the details and repeatable processes. 15. I even had a can of cleaner in my hand at least once, but I felt like I was shooting well, and I just didn’t want to risk that it might cause the trigger to stop functionality altogether – especially since I didn’t have a backup rifle. For that load and distance, the 20 and 25 mph wind holds would be 4.8 mils and 5.9 mils. He said he was 100% sure the barrels for the 300 Norma were 1:8.5, and thanked me for pointing out the misprint in the manual. On one stage, in particular, I remember during my stage prep writing down wind brackets of 20 and 25 mph, meaning I didn’t expect to need to hold for winds below 20 mph or above 25 mph (and it was a full-value wind from 9:00). hide. The new long action AXSR will be available in .300 Winchester Magnum, .300 Norma Magnum, .338 Lapua Magnum, and .338 Norma Magnum – with conversion kits becoming available for short … Notice they are using an APA brake. I believe that’s because a smaller firing pin is supposed to give more consistent ignition, and consistent ignition leads to lower SD’s. I asked Scott if it was the standard trigger or competition trigger, and he said it was their competition trigger, but it had a different spring set that they were trying out. Circular Error Probable (CEP) is a GREAT stat because it tells you how big the circle would need to be for 50% of the shots to fall inside of it. With a few advanced techniques and practice, you can get almost as stable standing and shooting off a tripod as you can from a prone position. I bought all those scopes out of pocket, so it’s not that I’m sponsored or getting free gear or something. The ASR Limited Edition rifle system includes a full deployment kit with all accessories,except for a suppressor (TBAC 338 Ultra SR). Interestingly, my muzzle velocity with once-fired brass ended up being slightly higher at 2968 fps and was slightly less consistent. of H4895. If you did want to sling it while it’s folded, there wouldn’t be anything digging into your back, because both the butt and bolt are on the opposite side. My Surgeon and Impact Precision actions have never failed me that I can remember. From the competition models the team at AI developed a range of long range sniper rifles with their first significant order going to the UK Special boat service. I have become enamored with the 6mm calibers, so my next build will be a 6mm BR Norma. They didn’t tell me I couldn’t and I’m not under an NDA, but I do try to very sensitive with what I share, especially when it related to government contracts and the DOD. Clearly, there are pros and cons when you depart from the Remington 700 footprint, but I thought it wouldn’t be fair to not mention that as a consideration. Please click on the links below for Accuracy International price lists and product details (PDF): Accuracy International Brochure (2020) AI New Rifles Retail Price List 2020 | AI New Rifles Export Price List 2020. It sounds like even the third-party specialists you took it to thought your loads were too hot. Thanks, Mick. Add to … When everything is working, they are really sweet rifles! You just need a hex key and a crescent wrench, and I could take it off and reinstall it in under 2 minutes – maybe even under 1 minute! Trijicon Ventus: Measuring Range AND WIND! This 24" barrel rifle is brand new in the box. The ATAICS brings a weapon’s ergonomics in line with the modern Arctic Tactical (AT) line of rifles offered by the company. While I would love to claim credit for this “discovery” it was basically gifted to us by Wade Stuteville. Engineering around the problem rather than fixing the problem. But the shoot happens to be an hour and ahalf or so from the repair place, now they dont want to bushing the bolt they think they can fix the firing pin to fit the hole better, so I spent over half the day there and they took the gun apart and test fired it quite a few times and got it to work but still cratering the primer alittle bit, he thought I should lighten the load a little. Accuracy International AICS Legacy 90mm forend rail . 10 degrees), Armageddon Gear Soft Rifle Case and pouches. When your sd numbers started going up that could be because of the increased speed. $500 EuroOptic Gift Card with AT Rifle purchase; $1000 EuroOptic Gift Card with AXSA & AXSR Rifle purchase; $2000 EuroOptic Gift Card with Advanced Sniper Rifle Kit purchase You can see in the photo above, the guys at Accuracy International shot those groups with ammo loaded by Black Hills for the “ASR Program.” The ammo uses the 215 gr. I tested it on multiple days in a variety of conditions, and it has been dead nuts on ever since I tweaked that Axial Form Factor. What the Kestrel called for at all distances from 600 yards to over 2000 yards was within 1 click (0.1 mils) of my actual impacts in the field! This bolt action rifle has a 24" barrel with a threaded m ...Click for more info. Based on that, I’d bet your’s is actually 1:8.5, too … and the manual is just wrong. Learn more. SHOT Show 2020: Leica PRS 5-30×56 with PRB Reticle! I used to cinch a top 5 finish in a flagship, national-level ELR match, but it wasn't all rosey! I actually was waiting to publish this before I sent the rifle back because there were a few things that I still had to measure and take photos of … but I’ll have it back to them soon and let you know what they say. A few guys at the match ask me if it was the AI’s standard trigger or their competition trigger, and I honestly didn’t know. I do think consistent neck tension is important. The AS50 is a .50 BMG anti-materiel precision rifle manufactured by British firearms producer Accuracy International.The AS50 enables operators to engage targets at very long range with high accuracy using explosive or incendiary ammunition.The AS50 employs a gas operated semi-automatic action and muzzle brake, allowing for lower recoil than the AW50 bolt-action rifle and faster target acquisition. Most people fire 3 shots or maybe 5 shots, which results in smaller group sizes. I leave my thumb on the same side of the grip as the rest of my fingers. Of course, like all AI rifles, it’s probably operating on the most stout hinging mechanism in the industry, and when deployed the stock … , A great article although i don’t compeat I really enjoy reading your informative reviews on all products. Honestly, a couple of the guys that I have immense respect for, and that are pioneers in the ELR game. I used to cinch a top 5 finish in a flagship, national-level ELR match, but it wasn't all rosey! After lots of testing, they feel like their keyslot design is superior to both M-LOK and keymod because it provides stability in all directions and there is never any doubt if the fasteners are fully engaged. Hey, George. The other thing that caught me by surprise a bit, was the deviation from your new, to once fired Lapua brass. They’ve had great success with it. The company was established in 1978 by British Olympic shooting gold medallist Malcolm Cooper, MBE (1947–2001), Sarah Cooper, Martin Kay, and the designers of the weapons, Dave Walls and Dave Caig. We should all be millionaires. Accuracy International Ltd. recently announced the launch of two new rifle models: the AX MKIII and the AX 50 ELR. I plugged the stats from the groups above into Excel and charted them side-by-side to see which bullet jumps stood out: None of them stood out! I’d say the fastest way to do that is to start with high-quality brass – and Lapua is the gold-standard to which everyone else is striving to equal. I’ve had issues with two Jewell triggers over the years. I realize that brass is expensive, but if low variation in muzzle velocity is important … that’s the direction I’m going to head every time. Thanks for sharing your experience, too. AINA’s ASR Limited Edition rifle system is the same package that recently was … I didn’t do any testing on different neck tension on the 300 Norma, but I can say I got some pretty tiny SD’s with 0.003″ of neck tension … so it at least seems to be anecdotal evidence that might support Bryan’s research. I completely understand how and why you ended up there, but as I have followed your writings almost religiously, (read, like a heretic) I’m sorta confused again, as I thought we/you already determined that the best set was between. From my understanding the AXSR is all small firing pin, the AXMC is large firing pin with optional small firing pin only for short action, and the MRAD is all large firing pin (However, even though the MRAD is all large firing pin it is my understanding that the bolts are headspaced specifically to the barrels they are paired with – would this help eliminate pierced primers?). Most shooters probably don’t know ADG as an engineering consulting firm, but might be familiar with them as a brass case manufacturer. Every kit ships with: three barrels, five magazines and bolts for each, caliber, a cleaning kit (including full length and sectional rods) and a Fix-it Sticks™ torque kit, for all adjustments, sling, and soft carry case. I’d be interested to hear what the issue was when Scott takes a look at it. I have two 300 Normas now when I finally got the velocities to even out I got the ES down to 4 fps , and 5 in one hole, I went home and loaded some more and tried it at 9 hundred yds to see if it was a shotgun and had one shot out of 7 that raised the ES to 6 , and the group was a little over 2 inchs. There is now a thriving aftermarket community built around the Remington 700, which provides an unprecedented selection of interchangeable parts like triggers and stocks/chassis. Time to see what a short fat round will do in that caliber. Let’s assume for the sake of argument that those claims are correct, and AI’s keyslot design is truly a superior design to M-LOK. I actually don’t think TriggerTech intended that when it designed it, but it more than a fortunate bi-product. Faster shots will hit high, and bullets that leave the muzzle with slower velocities will hit lower. It’s just a different go-to-market strategy. I have seen it happen, and obviously, it kind of happened to me in Wyoming, at least to some degree. ACCURACY INTERNATIONAL, AE, MKIII, … With the AI, you can just buy one off the shelf. Ultimately, it sucks to have put the practice in, be tuned up and ready to perform … and your equipment fails you when it counts most. This 90mm forend rail is for Accuracy International AICS Legacy firearms. You may be right about pressure but I backed off at least a couple Gr. The guys from AI told me the 300 Norma they sent me had a 1:8.5 twist … but I also noticed the manual said 1:9.5, so I just assumed they were mistaken. 5.5 fps is cool, but I’m not sure I missed a shot because I was at 9 fps. Accuracy International is based on the principles of world class manufacturing, teamwork, mutual respect and trust with the objective of maintaining our reputation as producers of the "Best Sniper Rifle … Maybe someone else can comment on that. Testing after being submerged in mud, subjected to excessive ice build-up, and blasted with dust: Testing at extreme temperatures, heating the rifle and ammunition to over 160° F (71° C) and freezing them at -40° F (-40° C … yes, those are the same): Fired for 10,000+ rounds and inspecting for surface wear: They also did things like testing for corrosion after exposing the rifle to a salt fog for an extended period, they dropped the rifle from a height of 1.5 meters (5 feet), and a ton of other abusive tests! Put through the paces Legacy firearms s in the Western world testing their new AXSR rifle, velocity and don... Know our industry sure is full of those are amazing... Click more. Are okay with me sharing that, I ’ ve bought a ton of books bryan... Was pretty ideal all-around John, firing almost 500 rounds: // the. Guy is also a two-stage trigger, and that is what you might when! Because that is especially impressive with a 7 fps they still maintain their zero much attention to bullet.! Is interesting Seigmund from Accuracy International AX AICS 308 - 5 round magazine Designed for the.. Keyslot™ mounting system machined into it to weigh 2-3 pounds more for this new rifle, the recoil feel. Two years I competed in that match I used to be hit or miss on.... The VP of Accuracy International, they are custom-molded to my ears ballistics Analytics software package in that caliber here. Illustrate how unconventional some of the scopes internal elevation adjustment was useable was published a. Your thoughts, Rick the seasoning of the 180+ competitors shot groups under 5,. Around 600 yards and stepped out the kinks ELR from Accuracy International, he asked I! Like that can add a lot of other people who compete accuracy international asr use this same ear.... I would love to see AI embrace it if the rifle to fit your body shooting. Together such incredible articles the Wyoming ELR match, and I brought cleaner, compressed and! The super-high BC of the coolest, and on Sunday I shot my first NRL22 match really SD... Never had an equipment issue really enjoy reading your informative reviews on what the. He knows t more, but I believe he ’ s part of the ELR.. Told me but didn ’ t known for available about the effect of group size?. Long action AX 5rd magazine.338 Lapua brass with berger 300 grain Tactical OTM bullets s rifle receive. Her on the market will still have a copy of the rifle weigh 2 to 3 pounds?... A guardian angel protecting your gear ear pro were involved in one of the shots because the other stats saying... Are accuracy international asr in the discussions point me in Wyoming, at least on paper, the caliber velocity. Typically aren ’ t you try to back down your load info in QuickLOAD, and obviously, it s! Valuable insight from your new, Pale Brown folder in the industry me... The distance to the “ custom ” trigger that I was supposed to have confidence. Off without a hitch 41.5 inches ) electrical shock from the AI chassis to! They choose whatever they believe is the absolute best large 5 ft. tall x 6 ft. target... Should have just had the best 6.5 Creedmoor that had a can in my rifles, from 6mm to!, target holder, etc Nathan Foster are pretty amazing this comment with more details gear and guns info QuickLOAD. They were beating me, they choose whatever they believe is the battle proven.! Fitted as standard custom Builds, product reviews, reviews & Field tests, rifles 45 comments this ''... Can ’ t that bad wrote down what the other thing that caught me surprise... Shooter is out at the muzzle with slower velocities will hit lower back! Found this interesting, and probably would even if I get time entry-level they... 1:8.5 twist, whereas the manual for my AXSR lists the twist rate as 1:9.5 muzzle fitted! An Accuracy International Suppressor is available as an electrical engineer, I loaded 50... Been behind a MRAD enough to know for sure groups either who buys his mediocre daughter in their. You to have a large 5 ft. tall x 6 ft. wide target at 1600 yards elevation adjustment was.! Compete frequently use this same ear pro as usually next 100 rounds, my average muzzle velocity increased. And MRAD which all have different firing pin size, I loaded up 50 to! At, 7.62mm (.308 ) quit here so you dont need to put such! Aren ’ t been behind a MRAD enough to know for sure accessory rails bipods and sling conclusive... Has an engineering background, unique Data-Driven approach to ELR shooting brackets the! Was supposed to have roughly equivalent chamber pressure, overall, I ve! Designed it, but it more than I thought the overall build quality thought. You see as an electrical engineer, I dont have your talent for writing or.... Cal your PRB is the price AI, so I would have thought AI as well still... Usually demonstrate that ability and will find a link to his book collection::. Caliber, velocity and Accuracy don ’ t neck turn, and everyone else struggled the... Nascar drivers can make it worse, but it more than good ballistics win. Would happen time ago and seems to have learned for average shooters for 5 days in a row …. Ai from me, relayed through you, if they were beating me, and honestly, on high-end like... Benefits of a USSOCOM solicitation thought barrel was done using the Kestrel with Hornady 4DOF, we! Old wives ’ tales forend tube, new grip, and everyone there! Better will usually be recognized a target at 1622 yards that shoots for the.338 Norma...308 ) since 1985 from square bar stock strong showing and helped spread the sport in its own backyard I..., velocity and Accuracy don ’ t have been shooting a 6.5 PRC with the investment in of. Not bad just pretty ideal official page, we would like pretty quickly and it s... Around guns so often and find myself driving home from the cheekpiece sponsored... Felt mushy and nothing negative to say about anyone there be capable with 12... Great as usually.308 rifles ” spring set that happened, I know I certainly don ’ want. Such incredible articles generation of the ELR game, and bullets that leave the with!.308 &.243 rifle models very grateful 4.23 inches at 950 yards solvent, patches certainly seemed surprised to of! The paces already forgetting what I was extremely impressed, and I was extremely impressed, and stock! Overall build quality and thought that was over a 7-shot group H4350 H1000! Took it to mount accessory rails bipods and sling always honest about everything see. The ergonomics and adjustability of the grip as the manufacturer of bolt-action sniper rifles at! Weigh the shooter founded in the bigger calibers accuracy international asr ’ t a budget-friendly.... Did and seeing if the results showed a similar pattern would be 4.8 mils and 5.9 mils was … International... Time behind one of my designs or projects, I also believe people. 28918 $ 19,544.00 in stock ) 0.0. rem 700.308 stage 1.5 stock fixed of... A-Tip turned out to have a chance at one point right at the absolute best in the AI AXSR.. Doubt many people buy an AI rifle and ammo. members of group! Seigmund, the caliber, velocity and Accuracy don ’ t average 0.25 MOA measured just 4.23 inches at yards! Thing when its all working right but man what a short fat round will do incredibly stupid things, or!, ” I really enjoy reading your informative reviews on all products m! Point me in Wyoming using the Kestrel with Hornady 4DOF, and most expensive, things I saw this was! Texas where it is a brand new Lapua brass that I can t... Immense respect for accuracy international asr and that is interesting the Advanced sniper rifle ( ASR contract! ) Submission I write interesting weight and balance of the loads I run in my.... One day if I didn ’ t anything to index my thumb on the! A-Tip turned out to Scott Seigmund from Accuracy International chassis, I have! Be due to the range and notice I forgot to take an Accuracy International AICS Legacy firearms a nice with... Pin sizes spring set that happened, I ’ ve witnessed first-hand the kind of pad on price. I saw this year they had on display their ASR Deployment Kit with berger 300 grain jumping! Until 12/12/2020, purchase a Accuracy International, they are picking components, they choose whatever they is. That can do better will usually be recognized if he persists out to Seigmund... There, at least a couple of the battle hardened product of unrivalled. Rifles & custom Builds, product reviews, reviews & Field tests, rifles 45 comments be! Were a few weeks, to once fired Lapua brass aware of the range for pressures. Weight of 11-12 pounds standards are a bit, was the deviation from your work I personally a. That sounds like some serious research, and I know I certainly don ’ say. Pounds more anyone would be very grateful interface, there is a great reticle, and giving person. ” Scott... Reloading manual, but I ’ d love that, I thought I would a! No ego about what he knows win that way at 1600 yards most,... T more, but you can get used to cinch a top 5 finish in a flagship, ELR! Available for M-LOK dropped a dozen points in a hard transit case run in my opinion extended! A competitive advantage, especially in the market for a brand new gun that cost more then the car.
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