The smaller size is Great, bound neck and, body, upgraded pickups, coil tapping feature was all a +. If I had to pick one word for this 339 Pro it would be ( Sweet ). The laminated maple body has a solid centre block and comes in Cherry, Pelham Blue and Vintage Sunburst finishes. I have 10 guitars from Les Pauls & Fenders to PRS and this has to be my favorite.The day I opened it up I couldn't put it down.Played it to my fingers got sore.Great for any music style you play plus in a smaller size than the ES-335.clear tones plus coil tapping Humbuckepro pickups.About the same neck as my Les Paul and very ez to play for hours at a gig..Sweetwater does a 55 point insp so it's ready to play right out of the box..Get this and you want be soory.And at a great price. If you're looking for a very affordable semi hollow guitar this guitar is definitely the one. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Epiphone ES-339 Semi Hollow body Electric Guitar, Vintage Sunburst at I will keep it. This instrument says a lot about Epiphone’s commitment to producing great guitars. The pick up selection options is great. I added a roller bridge with 12 inch radius, a Deusenberg Les Trem tremolo, an arm rest, and oval-button Grover Deluxe tuners. Take an Epiphone Dot, put in a dryer for half an hour and you have an ES-339. Very nicely priced! I had just purchased a Fender Modern Tele Plus (also excellent for the $) so I put off ordering one of these. I couldn't find any imperfections on it. If you blindfolded me and I played this guitar I would swear I was playing a Gibson ES339, except the Gibson doesn't have coil splitting and costs $2100.00 MORE. It's rock solid even with aggressive bar use. Love the look and feel of this guitar. Plays fantastic and sounds excellent. I am semi-pro and have been playing for 50+ years and have had many different kinds of guitars in every price range. I just received the Epi ES 339 Pro from Sweetwater and I'm blown away by the quality of workmanship, the tone and the Pickups! It's a long video, but I found these guys enjoyable to watch. Doesn't come in a gig bag however I intend to order a hard shell case to protect this. Along with the coil-tapping, it is a very versatile instrument. He explained how they evaluate it and go through it and assured me it would be to my expectations. I have played the Gibson model of this guitar and to be real....I liked the tone and feel of this better! The tuners are silky smooth and there is no string slippage at the nut whatsoever. APO/FPO/DPO no problem!! The ES-339 PRO has custom wound Alnico Classic PRO humbucker pickups with coil-tapping and a set of Epiphone Deluxe tuners. I'm a novice player with no interest in playing for the public. The Chinese manufacturing has really improved and the quality is very high. All in all, I am Very Pleased with my purchase !! As they say, you'll never see it from the road, Ha! I'm really loving my new 339. A little bling would help. Sweetwater does the best job in the business of ensuring that the guitars they sell are set up to factory specs and that there are no other problems and this one was perfect right out of the box. It's smaller size is more comfortable, but that's just the beginning. Sweetwater Sound I don't like setting up multiple guitars for a gig and won't need to with this one. I replaced them with Ernie Ball Cobalt 9s and the guitar really came alive. Handcrafted in China. Anyway, the 339 I received was completely set up wrong, and the intonation was beyond bad. For the money, this is just what I expected and it will work nicely as a carry-around jam guitar. You will have to be willing accept that not everything on the guitar is going to be the best quality. Love the size and weight for long gig times. No issue's with the frets sticking out past the sides of the neck as some reviews have mentioned of other Epiphone's. The Gibson is four times the price. No big deal really. It boggles my mind that they let this thing go out like this. This thing is so close to the real deal at a fraction of the price. Sweetwater rep worked with me very closely, they are super nice people they gave me a feeling that I was buying from the right place. Well done Epiphone/Gibson, Well done! Alongside its new Inspired By Gibson acoustics and Wiltshire, Coronet and Crestwood reissues, Epiphone has launched two Inspired By Gibson ES models: The ES-339 and the ES-335.. ES-335. Great fit and finish. My only big complaint is that the volume and tone knobs do not line up the way I like. When I first started playing I was fortunate to have a Gibson ES 330, very similiar to a 335 except for the P90 pickups. It feels good in your hands. Very, very pleased w this guitar (as w everything Sweetwater) right out of the box. The cherry color is so rich and bold. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Epiphone SHERATON-II PRO is a more popular guitar, based on its reviews. I think that this guitar is a great buy. And if you are thinking that this is just going to be another ‘poor man’s Gibson’ think again. Chief among the new features is the classic ’60s-style Kalamazoo headstock, as well as the addition of Alnico Classic Pro humbuckers, which promise vintage semi tones, controlled via CTS pots. That was simple. Do yourself the favor and call and ask for Jeff. I've had mine for eight months and I am very pleased with it. I received it immaculately packed and unharmed from shipping. also a plus for the Gibson. I think this will be perfect for playing the Blues... Just a quickie review after spending a few hours with my new ES-339, starting with the (mildly) negative: first, I've never been a big fan of the Gibson/Epiphone necks. I am impressed and believe me that doesn't happen to often. Then, I thought low of Epiphone. It has the beautiful proportions of a Gibson archtop (I think of it as the anti-telecaster shape) combined with absolutely PERFECT finish - if it weren't for the Epiphone emblem (also beautifully executed - not a cheap print job) on the headstock, I'd think it was a genuine Gibson. The Pau Ferro fretboards are way lighter than even the cheapest rosewood. Fit and finish was perfect, and the setup was near perfect for my playing. Epiphone Ltd. Ed. It simply stays in tune. !Thanks to my Sales Associate Chris Lewis for all his help!!!!!! Couldn't be happier! Picked it up and strummed a few chords, and found it to be still in-tune. I checked out a Gibson 339 at a local store. Wow!! I found this video that demo's several Epiphone Semi Hollow's including the ES-339 Ultra and the ES-339 Pro. You won't be disappointed. The guitar stays in tune very well despite my bending the strings a lot. I guess my preconceived notion was that a Chinese made guitar would be low end. My wife got me the Cherry one. I filed the nut and messed with the bridge and I have gotten it better, but still, kinda disappointed. It starts off with a laminated maple body with "f" holes on top. That's said...this guitar blew me away. After deciding I needed a hollowbody to go w my modest collection, I tried everything - bunch of Gibsons, old and new Ibanez, everything Epiphone, several PRS, couple of Gretsch and Eastman, pretty much everything experts recommend as a cheaper 335. Fit a finish is perfect as is the set-up. The Epiphone ES-339 PRO The ES-339 has a reduced size and weight laminated maple 335-style archtop body with a solid center block. Easy to play and sounds great! It sounded and played great, and I know a "handbuilt" guitar is not supposed to look perfect but this was a case of poor qc. You wont be sorry. A Sweetwater customer for life. I have been playing for 57 years and have owned Gibsons, Fenders, Ovation's and Taylor's. For example, the "E" logo on the pick guard fell off on day one. The neck feels thicker than my American Strat, but thinner than my Rickenbacker. When the price dropped to $399 I caved in and bought one. I tell all my friend to go to Sweetwater. there seems to be at least a quarter of an inch gap between the body of the guitar and the control knob caps. This guitar is amazing, not for the money, it's just amazing. It"s a great guitar for rock n roll! I was wrong. I had ignored Epiphones in the past. Playability edge to the Gibson due to the plekked fretboard. Why Sweetwater? Just the perfect size in my opinion. The pickups handle clean, crunch, and dirt very well. But, I didn't want to spend a couple grand not knowing if I would bond with it or not. I had to take it back as the neck was twisted, the staff in the store were amazed it made it past quality control. One is called the Epiphone ES-339 PRO, the other is the Epiphone ES-339 Ultra. While the guitar looks, plays, and sounds great - that is not the way it came out of the box. This review has been updated to include a new ending. I really like how you can change the sound on this guitar. I did a setup and put new strings on it and the playability and tone improved dramatically. You won’t have any problems playing the neck on the guitar. When I say small it was small. So I had to pull them out and line up the numbers the same. The third one was a gem and instantly spoke to me. Epiphone ES-339 PRO Electric Guitar. All the screws were already tightened and the tuners fully functional, probably thanks to Sweetwater. He thanked me for my purchased and I told him I was thinking about purchasing a guitar but I was hesitant. I have a variety of guitars - PRS, Gibson, Fender, etc. I have a Fender Twin Reverb amp, and it sounds amazing through it. For a $400.00 semi hollow body it is great. The nut is the only thing I'd change and that's cheap. This is an excellent guitar. That being said, I am extremely happy with my new cherry 339. Having played ES-335's in the 60's-70's, I wanted to get a hollowbody again. To be honest, it challenged my way of thinking about gear and where it's made and what it's worth. Three words - selection, inspection and service . The tone is very "open" and "airy." The ES 339 was a good fit and when i compared the price of Gibson 339 and Epiphone 339 the Epiphone was a no brainer. This was the perfect addition to the collection. Exclusive deals, delivered straight to your inbox. There were many flaws in the fit and finish, namely lots of overpaint on the binding and tons of splinters, finish residue and crap on the neck. In my opinion the guitar was assembled but not set up. Took me awhile to find my sound. It’s classy, delivers sweet semi-hollowbody tones and good playability, and has the added benefit of split-coil pickups. What the guy on the left when he demo's the ES-339 Pro (11:30 into the video). My only question is why I haven't tried an Epiphone before. I turned it down a bit and here comes the volume. When I play through my Super Champ X2 or my Blues Deluxe, there is zero noise or hum. That is what makes Sweetwater a great company to do business with. My main daily guitar is the Strat, so I was looking for a semi-hollow humbucker guitar to add to the mix. The neck is fast, straight. Second, I've been a certified guitar technician for the past 40 years. What a shame. Tried the ES-339 Pro and fell in love. Sure, the Gibson ES-339 could possibly be better. Not only did I have it in my possession within 24 hours of placing my order, but the guitar was absolutely ready to play/gig out of the box. I had been thinking about a semi-hollowbody guitar (my first) for a few months. From Pre-war Martins to '59 Bursts to '54 Strats & '52 Tele's. Even at high gain settings in single-coil mode there is no noise. It sounds fantastic and I love the smaller size body. !Well constructed, plays GREAT!!! I didn't want to under-buy and be irritated from the first note. Tone is relative to each person, but I'm hearing a vintage AC/DC, Black Crowes tone. It was practically in tune on arrival, no adjustments needed. Binding is great. For a business to call you and thank you and then follow up after you receive your purchase is amazing. I did have to take to my favorite guitar shop and have the set-up done. The body and finish are flawless. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. 2 user reviews of ES-339 Pro by Epiphone 4 For my style of Fuzzy, Riff based Blues Rock it suits down to the ground. ES-339 P90 PRO but we do not warrant the quality, accuracy or completeness of any information on our web site. The frets are good and smooth, the nut is decently cut. If you're looking for a great looking, do it all guitar, you can't go wrong with this Epiphone. Now I"m just a beginner but I love it. The Epiphone quality construction and low price provide you a value that is near impossible to beat. The guitar on arrival looked beautiful, was in tune, the setup was perfect and it sounds great. This Epiphone ES-339 has really exceeded my expectations. This Instrument deliveres all the tones it's big brother the ES 335 does in a smaller body. Very playable. This guitar is at a whole other level. My ES 339 arrived with a hole punched in the back by the shipper. Looks great, sounds good for what it is but do your self a favor save a couple of extra ben franklins and buy something alot better. Bottom line is if you want a great sounding hollow body that"s fun to play - just get this guitar. Add in coil tapping and decent electronics and you have a playable guitar right out of the box. It's seems to me the chinese makers have put this out as a testimony that they can make this guitar as good as most gibsons out of the box. First I should tell you that Sweetwater's customer service is incredible. Just wish you could get it in the ginger finish. I have a love for the Cherry Red so that's what I got. Beautiful guitar. It is a Great Guitar at any price and an unbelievable deal at $399. This guitar sounds, feels and looks great!!! I have to say that really was a nice treat. This is one of the best buys out there. The action is and easy to set up and intonate. I have no desire to change the pickups...the Alnico Pro's get the job done for me. Unboxed guitar to find a beautiful well constructed instrument with a near flawless polished finish. The guitar looks great (cherry body) and feels great. Quality. When it arrived I looked over the entire guitar and couldn't find a single flaw. And it plays like a dream - the action is light, quick, and clean, with the bonus option of that single-coil sound that takes old-timers like me back to our first experience with electric guitars. I have 15 guitars. Epiphone ES-339 Pro with Hard Shell case. Aesthetically it is now wonderful, of course it would be better with a Gibson headstock but then it would cost a ton more and I'm not sure it's worth it. I called Sweetwater after hours in a panic and enter Mr. Zach Bowman who made the corrections. I was initially considering the Sheraton-II, but decided on the 339 due to affordability. I was worried about buying one without really seeing it and holding it along with playing it. They are available to offer you personalized product advice any time you need it. Boys and girls serving overseas, if you need musical gear buy from Sweetwater. the toes are amazing with lots of range from jazzy, blues, rock and contemporary.Nice workmanship and excellent in action. First of all, I've been a pro working guitarist for 49 years. Get Directions | I wrote to Gibson years ago about having Epiphone offer an affordable version on the Gibson ES-339 and was excited when they came out. I did my homework and after narrowing it down to 5 possibles, decided that the ES 339, in terms of sound, size, and weight was the one that i would go with. I made some mods to the guitar at an added cost of around $200. After I finished with the setup I was very pleased with this guitar as it has the sound of a semi-hollow body with awesome sustain and the size of a Paul with out the weight and now perfect intonation. The fit and finish are flawless, wonderful. Neither of those are reasons not to buy this guitar. This article originally appeared in VG December 2013 issue. You can't go wrong with this guitar and it is a great addition to any players collection. Cost is always an issue, but I decided if my ear required spending $1000-$2000, I'd do it. Being a semi-hollowbody, it is playable plugged in or unplugged. Thank you for your request. If you are eyeing to buy your first serious instrument that can cover a lot of territory then this is your best bet, trust me! In the past 2 weeks I purchased a USA made SG standard from GC. Stays in tune. It does not hurt you back like the es-335 does when standing with it for an hour at a time. The sound goes from jazz to rock and with the split coil option, it is a jack of all trades. For deeper, darker sounds, it's a real good fit. This one is a keeper. It plays very well. ES-339 PRO. I bought my guitar from Sweetwater last summer. It can do everything I want it to do. I only needed a minor tuning and we were off and picking. Overall this has to be the best buy on a decent guitar on the market and due to the design can be modded up easily. Just took delivery from my neighborhood shop for this guitar in black; dollar for dollar an outstanding value all things considered. 3 user reviews on Epiphone ES-339 Pro. The coil splitting option on this thing for switching between single coil and humbucker is a nice to have, however I don't think I'll be using it often. 5501 U.S. Hwy 30 W, Fort Wayne, IN 46818 and have owned most of the good stuff. Shares. This guitar is just what I was looking for. First let me say that I have quite a few guitars including 8 hand made guitars with some worth as much as 25K, so I am very discriminating when it comes to guitars. The ES-335, inspired by Gibson’s 1958 original, is a semi-hollow electric with a (relative to most solid-bodies) quite a large body, but not as large as a fully hollow guitar. I did play a Sheraton at the store, it had a fuller bodied sound, along with a slightly bigger body which was actually not as comfortable for my body stature. The biggest thing I look for in any guitar, regardless of price or name brand, is " Will It Stay In Tune With It's-Self For At Least A Week." I would recommend anyone looking to purchase a guitar to strongly consider this option. I am not a fan of Chinese made guitars - - but the fit and finish of my Epiphone ES 339 cherry pro were shockingly good and the sound was what I had expected. Gave 4.5 because there has to be something I don't like about this guitar - but so far, I can't find it! He explained the manner in which the guitar would be packed and I was good to go. The coil taps add a myriad of tonal colors; jazz, rock, blues etc. I'm not sure if this is from the neck being finished after the frets were installed, or if the fret material is just not polished enough, but it is noticeable and can be felt when you are bending strings. I've owned and played many ES-335's. A few days later Jeff contacted me and said while they were evaluating it they found a small dent in it. After reading all the glowing reviews & wanting a hollow body guitar I decided this was the one. It's a hobby I totally enjoy, wish I had taken it up years ago. This is my first order from Sweetwater. Both of these Gibsons did not play as well out of the box as the Epiphone (maybe because they both were purchased in the 80s???). Obviously, a Gibson ES is going to be superior quality and tone, but this works for my tastes and there is 0 buyers remorse. The semi-hollow Epiphone ES-339 Pro has only been around a short while, but it pays tribute to one of the most well-known guitars in Gibson's line: the ES-335. It's my first semi-hollow body and it's not much larger than my solid body guitars so it felt comfortable right out of the box. I have owned guitars in the past as a kid with no trainer. That said, I was VERY pleasantly surprised in the quality of this instrument, especially at this price point. Otherwise a very nice little instrument. This was my first time buying a guitar before playing it and I would not hesitate to buy from Sweetwater again. Super happy! I know I've said thank you before Andy but associates like you are what makes Sweetwater what it is and will be in the future. The guitar arrived in perfect condition and played great right out of the box. The pickups sound great, and I can already see the value of having the coil tap option. The pictures don't show how beautiful it is in person. The reason I didn"t give it 5 stars are the headstock is ugly and the fretboard is not dark due to the pau ferro. I am happy with it. The love of a guitar is like the love of a girl - you may love her today but will you love her tomorrow. The Gibson has Classic 57 pickups. It has the same tone unplugged that grabbed me when I played the Gibson. Timeless looks and incredible tone in a compact package. I head Epiphone brand was making nice instruments so I thought I'd check one out. Not quite like a Strat but fully acceptable. I decided to look at the pictures and picked another one. I absolutely love this guitar. Posted by Richard MacLemale | Oct 10, 2015 | Reviews | 0 | Update 1 – After waiting a painful month for this used guitar to clear, I was finally able to purchase it. Definitely worth 4x the selling price. BEAUTIFUL GUITAR,FUN TO PLAY,BUT JUST NOT LIKE A FULL SIZED GUITAR,STILL GIVE IT 5 STARS. With the coil tapping I can get a single coil sound. AJ Becerra has been a fantastic resource and was super patient and helpful to me in making a choice of guitar. I fell in love with feel and sound of semi's and also have another brand AS model that I love. It looks great, really nice Cherry finish. !This guitar is a GREAT addition to my collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After careful inspection I found it to be flawless. But... EVERY one I tried out had electronic problems For instance I had the volume cranked on one and it wad mute. I like the size and shape and the cherry finish is beautiful and flawless. A few days later it came to my door in an over packed box by Sweetwater. My wife surprised me with this guitar for Christmas. I did not buy it at Sweetwater by the way, although afterwards I did order the Epi case from Sweetwater. I tried out four of these and loved the feel and sound. My only con would be the volume and tone knobs are not perpendicular to the volume and tone pot's, but this does not affect the quality of the guitar other than cosmetics. !Sweetwater is the place to buy all your supplies!!! Epiphone ES339 Pro Review. I like a brighter sound with a bite and with these strings and the volume knobs pulled out, I get that tone; think, Nowhere Man solo. A gorgeous cherry red with a great neck and great tone. I have owned the Gibson version and many ther Gibson Les Paul's etc. This instruments comes with 2 Free Setups per Year at Moe's Guitars. I have a session tomorrow and I'm bringing this Epiphone with me. If you are thinking about getting one I say do it. The 2 Gibson ES-347s I previously owned needed much more work on the frets when I received them to achieve an acceptable setup. Plain and simple...this is the guitar and sound I have been searching for. Jeff once again contacted me and thanked me for my purchase. This is no surprise, being that they belong in the same series. So Epiphone SHERATON-II PRO tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than Epiphone ES-339 Pro, as seen on the chart below. I want to also mention that the cherry color is very classy looking-- the color is dark, but transparent enough to see the wood grain underneath. With a pair of Classic PRO humbuckers, and a smaller body size than a ES-335 or Casino, the Epiphone ES-339 PRO is a versatile, comfortable semi-hollowbody. I wanted to pick up a semi-hollow without having to invest thousands. PRS, Gibson, Fenders, Teisco etc. Good looking case, fits perfectly. It is what it is, plays fairly well and didn't break the bank. ES-339 PRO is a semi-hollow bodied model from the Epiphone`s ES series. There are two versions of the Epiphone ES-339 available. Submitting a revised review, as I am not able to edit my original. Sweetwater's Sales Engineers are regarded as the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the music industry, with extensive music backgrounds and intense training on the latest products and technologies. (Own a Yamaha , B.C. Gives the cool 50's sound when used with a Peavey 258 RAGE amp. I have a LP, Wildkat, and,a Sheraton which are all Superb instruments but, this one is an excellent addition to my collection. This the only guitar I ever purchased, sight unseen in my life. It is not hard to get used to the neck. If my opinion changes I will write more at a later date. I am retired so there is no way I could spend five times as much for a Gibson. Most people could not tell the difference if they had to choose. Believe all the reviews. The Tale of the Red Jazz Guitar. However, it's fairly safe to say that Epiphone CASINO Coupe is a more popular guitar, based on its 10+ reviews. Due to the fact that I have 2 Epi's and 3 Squire Custom Vibe guitars that match or beat ANYTHING I've EVER played without any mods except the nuts I make, I am officially DONE with expensive guitars. The translucence of the cherry finish lets the beauty of the maple wood grain bleed through nicely. This guitar could sell for a few hundred dollars more. Plays like a dream. I would buy this ES 339 again. Fast forward to yesterday. My playing will impress no one. Overall. $399 for a guitar this good. This is a matter of personal taste but I like my non maple fretboards to be dark. Store Hours, If you have any questions, please call us at (800) 222-4700. Both of these are really similar. Yes, it's a fine guitar, but guess what, so is the Epiphone. The only other thing I could complain about is the somewhat rough finish on the frets. Our Vision is to be the # 1 Trusted Document Management Consulting Group. I tried a set of D'addario's 9's and this tone fits the guitar perfectly. All in all, a very enjoyable and less-than-expensive way to have some 6-string fun.