GOLD. They live in a disciplined manner in the traditional institutional barghar system. Lhochhar is the main festival of Gurung. The festival demonstrates the internal connection between the hill communities. In modern days, Chhath is even celebrated in hills by Pahari people. Tharus’ existing production systems were not sufficient for sustaining their livelihoods. And it commences with a ritual called “Naha Kha” which means, taking food after taking the ritual bath. 5. The study showed that 32% of the Tharu households were food secure, 35% marginally secure while 33% food insecure. Traditional dance in festival The main festivals of Tharu community of Nepal are maghi, fagu purnima, chaite dshian, ram nawami, jeetya, ananta,sawani sakrati, deepawali, chhat. MAIN FESTIVAL. Kathmandu valley is also known as the valley of festivals as the Newari communities are more dedicated to their traditional festivals, celebrations and their spiritual continuities. Autumn is the main festival time in Nepal. Everyone stays home with their families, the skies are filled with colorful kites and the marketplaces filled with farmers bringing goats, buffaloes, ducks, and chickens to sell. The day is devoted to them, in their memory and the well-being of the spirit. THE 2020 festival was held online from November 20th to November 28th and was presented by 20th . Jitiya festival is a festival observed by the Nepali married women of Tharu community, It is observed during the Ashwin from krishna Asthami as per Mithilanchal panchang and Nepali calendar. In the home, there is always an ancestral room. How Jitiya Festival […] However, despite the great diversity in religion and the festivals, Dashain is the festival which celebrated throughout the country. Gurung cast is also very famous for Gurkha Soldier and Indian Soldier. Each ritual and festival carries Tharu identities. They use different cultural dress during these festivals and share their friendship among people around them. By: bbekadhik93; February 18, 2020; 0 comment ; The blessed celebration Jitiya otherwise called Jivitputrika is seen by Hindu wedded females of Mithilanchal and Tharu woman of all standings in Nepal for the long existence of their youngsters. Maghe Sankranti. Gai Jatra. They also celebrate Chaite Dasain, Saune Sakranti etc. It is observed with great joy. On this occasion, they choose their chief (barghar). Do you have any question about trip to Nepal? Tradition has remained. Mohani (October) Mohani is observed for two weeks. “ Rhodi” culture is most famous in Gurung. The main feature of this festival in Kathmandu is a week long display of gigantic mask of Aakash Bhairab and procession of Kumari, the living goddess along with other two living gods Ganesh and Kumar. about this festival ago to ago tharu people celebrate by this festival in terai. There is no written script, the reason why so little is known about the history of these people. Table of Contents 1. and poor access to the education and employment were found to be their main characteristics of Tharu ethnic people. 2020 FALL FESTIVAL LINE-UP. Mahatawa Chandra best explains the importance of these efforts. Tharus celebrate their own rituals and festivals. PLATINUM. These mostly reside in rural areas except the Bhutia tribe (25.8%) which is also quite prominent in urban areas. Tharu Festivals. Main Menu. Tharu is the ethnic indigenous community from southern foothills and inner Terai of Nepal. Main Attraction: Festival of colors, laughter and love; Play water and color at Kumari House in Basantapur, Patan, Thamel, Bhaktapur and others part of Nepal. Dasain and Tihar are also the main festivals of them. Barley seeds are planted on the first day which is known as Nahla Swanegu. Spinach and Yam’s curry is cooked as Maghe Shankranti’s special food. The majority of the population, 80%, are Hindu while 11% practice Buddhism. Home; About; Contact; Donation; Take Action . Holi is the main festival, which calls for a lot of merry making among them. 08: BUDDHA JAYANTI. There are two main religions in Nepal; Buddhism and Hinduism. Dashain in Nepal. Satti (purification rites) held on the sixth day after child birth, màngni (engagement), marriage, roti - pani and ghara or barshi (death rituals) are the main life cycle rituals observed by the Tharus. Buddha Jayanti is the birth day of Lord Gautam Budhha, It is a special day for both Hindus and Buddhists in Nepal. GHORAHI: A two-day province level Maghi festival will be held in Ghorahi Sub-Metropolis of Dang district on the occasion of Tharu community’s great festival. YOUTH FESTIVAL… It is celebrated to commemorate the death of people during the year. Take Action; KEEPING OUR HERITAGE ALIVE. Welcome to CTS “He who experiences the unity of life sees his own self in all beings, and all beings in his own self, and looks on everything with an impartial eye.” – - Lord Buddha. Tharus have their own dialect, differing between each tribe. BRONZE. Witchcraft, festivals, and animal sacrifices are common in this tribal group. Kite flying is also one of the main events of this festival. Tharu make their own homemade materials using their own traditional skills. The Tharu are now in the process of regenerating the traditional Barka Naach offerings. Maghi reminds us of some delicious foods, Till ko laddu (Brown Sesame seed Fudge), Chakku (Molasys), Ghee (Clarified Butter), Tilauri. The main shrine of the tribes is a large grove, which is believed to be the place where the spirits live. If you wish to enjoy the culture of this tribe, visit during Sohari festival to enjoy drum music, dance, puppet shows, and others. Comedy | 2020 |109 min. Some of the nationally celebrating festivals in Nepal that are taken more special festivals are Dashain, Tihar, Teej, Maghe Sakranti and others. Many annual festivals take place in this grove. FALL FESTIVAL . "We are afraid of losing our Tharu culture which is deteriorating day by day. The festival that falls on the eighth day of waning moon is observed for the longevity, happiness of family and blessing of sons. Gai Jatra is a festival of cows. It falls in the month of Bhadra (Aug-Sep). Tharu mark this festival as the end of winter and the beginning of summer. Islam is practiced by about 3.2% of the population. 10. My Village is maximum tharu home. Village leader Chetram Chaudhary said that preparations are being made to celebrate the festival with pomp as it is the main festival of the Tharu community.”On the day of Maghe Sankranti, especially in the Tharu community, people get up in the morning, go to a nearby river, bathe in a lake and take blessings from their elders,” said Chaudhary. Main festivals Dashain Dashain ... is a festival of the Terai and Mithila region of Nepal celebrated by the Nepalese people of Tharus, indigenous Maithils and Madhesi ethnic groups in all the major parts of Nepal including Kathmandu, the capital city of the country. They are interdependent with natural resources. FESTIVAL SPONSORS. Christians are \bout 1% of the population. It is mostly celebrated in Kathmandu valley by local Newar community. YEAR-ROUND PROGRAMS. Their religion is predominantly Hindu, but with a few ‘jungle twists’. MAHOTTARI: Jitiya, a main festival celebrated by Nepali married women of Tharu community, has begun on Thursday in the Mithila region including with the celebration of Naha Kha (eat after a ritualistic bath). For example, Vishnu or Ram is referred to as Thakurbaba, or Tharu father. This festival is mainly celebrated in Kathmandu valley, especially by the Newar and Tharu communities. Dashian is also known as Bijaya Dasami or Bada Dashain. The first day of the month Magh is also celebrated in the Terai region of Nepal by the Tharu community as their New Year also called Maghi Pava. A special delicacy is also prepared by cooking sesame seed and local aromatic variety of rice together. The Tharu people are an ethnic group indigenous to the southern foothills of the Himalayas, most of the Tharu people live in the Nepal East & west Terai. Moreover, they enjoy this Sankranti as by attending community get together ( Mela), with traditional Tharu food and drinks. Moms keep quick for the duration of the day without taking even a drop of water. People worship Lord Vishnu and the sacred Bhagwat Gita from this Festival. The main occupation is still agriculture. They have a very rich and diverse food culture. SURKTH, Jan 14: Karnali state government has declared public holiday on Maghi festival, the main festival of the Tharu community. CONVERSATIONS were held with some of our guests! The 1998 performance is expected to be a new beginning in the cycle of performing this important puja. A jaggery pudding is the festival’s main dish. MEDIA PARTNERS. Jitiya is one of the most important ritual celebrated for three days. Sesame seed laddus, Molasses, Ghee, Sweet potatoes, yam are the main food menu of this festival. Other main languages include Maithili, Tamang, Tharu, and Bhojpuri. They consider it as the new year. Young girls in the villages pluck the season’s first flowers and disperse these flowers into their village house and Neighbours.The spring is embraced with songs by the folk singers. now present days tharu community celebrated this year first festival "PANCHAMI" . Uttarakhand is home to mainly five tribes as per the 2001 Census, which are Tharu, Jannsari, Buksa, Bhotia, and Raji. SURKTH, Jan 14: Karnali state government has declared public holiday on Maghi festival, the main festival of the Tharu community. It is nurtured for nine days. The main festival of this community is Maghi. PARTNERS . However, some Nepalese practice a unique combination of the two religions. People celebrate the festival of their religion as per their culture and religion. Jitiya Parva: A festival Tharu Community. The festival is celebrated by eating varieties of delicacies such as dhikri (eaten by western Tharu communities), bagiya (eaten by eastern Tharu communities), chichar, teel ko laddu, ghonghi, pork, bariya, aairkanchan, tele paur roti etc. In this episode of Main Bhi Bharat our team traveled to West Champaran district of Bihar to meet Tharu tribe. Thriller | 2019 | 98 min. SILVER. This is one of the unique festivals celebrated in Nepal. The main Hindu festival celebrated throughout the country makes as the national festival of Dasain the longest and prime festival of Nepal.