This post contains affiliate links. The choil seems like a great idea and works fine, but it is (obviously) undersized compared to a standard Spyderco finger choil. The spring tension when open is about where I like it: easy to intentionally overcome, but stout enough to preclude accidental closure in all but the most extraordinary circumstances. Oh, and a pair of tweezers and toothpick to boot. The Spyderco Roadie is a damn fine knife, despite its origins as a legislative compromise, and I choose to view it as such. The injection-molded scales are contoured for comfort and feature a recessed Spyderco “bug” logo on both sides. That comment about the Roadie being enough knife being enough for a deskbound suburbanite reminds me of the Peanut pattern. All for $21. The "Double Dent" characteristic is a pair of symmetrical dimples in the blade that give you a solid purchase for fingernail free two hand opening. The Roadie represents a quantum leap in the evolution of modern pocketknife design and … Spyderco Roadie Non-Locking Lightweight Knife with 2.09" N690Co Stainless Steel Blade and Durable Gray FRN Handle - PlainEdge - C189PGY 4.3 out of 5 stars 17 $56.00 $ 56 . $10 - $250. Talking about the Peanut makes me want to fix it up and carry it again. $228.95. It can be sharpened to a fine, clean edge, and stays sharp for a long while – significantly longer than VG-10, and a smidge longer 154CM. Includes pocket clip holes for tip-up, right hand carry. It isn’t just the chemicals, but how they are handled. The blue FRN handle scales are comfortable and easy to grip. I should mention that the relative size (13 cm fully opened) does mean that choking up is the standard. In short I find N690Co quirky and good-but-not-great in use, with middling edge retention — identical to my feeling about Seki VG-10. There’s a watery half stop before the blade snaps fully into the open position. Yeah, an adequate degree of pointiness is essential, even in more eccentric blade shapes – and maybe especially so in small knives like the Roadie. It may not be able to with you on an airplane right now, but it can go anywhere else without scaring anybody and without making you feel unprepared. The construction is angular, mimicking G-10, but the pattern is benign and the giant Spyderco logo is bordering on gaudy. The injection-molded scales are contoured for comfort and feature a recessed Spyderco “bug” logo on both sides. The injection-molded scales are contoured for comfort and feature a recessed Spyderco bug logo on both sides. Is a ‘broken in’ Roadie easier to open? Unlike a traditional slipjoint, the Roadie’s blade is held open by an improved notched-joint mechanism. It'll probably go back in the drawer. Although the plan was later withdrawn, Spyderco was ready for it with a unique new non-locking design called the Roadie. It’s readily accessible, stays in place, and doesn’t peek out of the top like most folding knives would. It might not QUITE fit all four fingers, but the fact that it’s thicker than the Roadie – coupled with the sway/curve/dogleg on its spine – make it pleasing to hold and use – maybe moreso than the Roadie. Because I’ve handled a fresh store model, and it was not a fun experience to open/close it. The blade is very robust and holds an edge well. Not to be rude, but I say the King has no clothes! Remember the Spyderco Co-pilot? Its spring also forms the handle’s full-length back strap, giving it structural strength and providing a foundation for the durable fiberglass-reinforced-nylon (FRN) scales. Popular Newest Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Rating Alphabetical: A-Z Alphabetical: Z-A. Precision milled scales are a perfect fit to replace the standard G10 scales. Being a Maniago-born Spyderco the Roadie has N690Co steel. There’s nothing poetic or soulful about this knife’s lockup or deployment – but it undoubtedly works. Contoured fiberglass-reinforced nylon (FRN) scales and strategically placed jimping (grooves) on the choil and spine enable this knife to perform well beyond its size. The choil itself and the base of the blade spine are both covered in jimping. Which makes reviewing knives like the Spyderco Roadie a bracing experience. Your email address will not be published. Let’s take a look. Overall length is about 5” and it weighs just under an ounce. Overall length is about 5” and it weighs just under an ounce. Phone: 303-279-8383 Toll-Free: 800-525-7770 Fax: 303-278-2229. Spyderco Roadie Lightweight C189PBK, Black FRN Scales Handle Following the tragic events of September 11, 2001, the carry of any type of knife aboard an airplane was strictly prohibited. Even from a pure utility/EDC standpoint, an acute point helps to pierce wrappers, hull strawberries, etc. Although it’s a slipjoint, the Roadie is not a traditional knife in any real sense; it wasn’t made with considerations of walk and talk or pull weight in mind. The Roadie can do all that I need it to, but is it good enough to merit a spot in the permanent collection? Frankly, if you like the Spyderco Roadie – you will buy it. Spyderco Roadie 2.09" Folding Knife BlueThe Roadie offers a unique non-locking design with a full flat ground sheepfoot-style blade. [easyazon_block add_to_cart=”default” align=”center” asin=”B00SX521YW” cloaking=”default” layout=”top” localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” tag=”brdfkdfk-20″]. The ergonomics are good. Most traditional knives in this size class are a little more ample, and better in the hand for it. Very good knife. Please make this happen. It does, however, have top-tier stain and corrosion resistance. In a bigger blade you can maneuver the main edge to cut what you would otherwise need to pierce, but with so little to work with, sub 2″ knives really need to have a reliable, sharp tip to get into certain types of cuts. Best High Value Knives. I’d rather, buy a Swiss Army Nail Clip 580 Knife, with a pointy 1.75″ knife blade, an excellent nail cleaner and file, a very handy pair of scissors, and a wonderful set of nail clippers. The Roadie has a 2-1/8” blade counting the finger choil and a cutting edge of 1-3/4”. MSRP: $80.00. One thing I love about the Peanut is the ergos. I’m not sure if this will help but, unlike most traditional-style knives, the Roadie’s pivot can be adjusted – you might be able to make the opening lighter that way. Sad to say that my particular Peanut has been the subject of some mistreatment, neglect, and subsequent cackhanded restoration/repair attempt on my part, but it still works and I still enjoy it. These dents have been left with a little rougher finish than the satin on the rest of the blade to aid in grip. There was a large burr on the inside of the spydie hole, easily removed but I have come to expect more from spyderco. (13) 13 product ratings - Spyderco Military Model NUMBERED G-10 Dark Blue scales CPM S110V Steel C36GPDBL. Spyderco C36GPDBL Military Knife - Dark Blue. DEPENDABLE - Its durable fiberglass-reinforced-nylon (FRN) scales are contoured for comfort and feature a recessed Spyderco “bug” logo on both sides. In this regard it reminds me of S35VN, albeit not quite so long-lived. I didn’t know about Queen’s version of the knife. The Roadie’s handle consist of two pieces of FRN, lightly textured and slightly contoured. In my experience, it’s one of those AUS-8 vs. 8Cr things, where on paper they are chemically close but in practice I find that one significantly outpaces the other. The only downside is that it can get tangled up in your keys, or slip out and slide down between the couch cushions without you knowing it. Instead of the choil, I’d like to see the handle thickened up a bit because the Roadie almost feels too thin. Discontinued. Since its release, the Spyderco Paramilitary 2 has been one of our best selling Spyderco knives. Looking at it honestly, every blade I’ve ever owned, loved, even hated, is overqualified for the job of being my EDC. You get 8 times the functionality with the SAK for less than half the price. Trending at $213.50. Thank you very much. If mine is a normal indication of what a “broken in” Roadie is like, then you won’t have any issues. Overview. $143.50. Best Survival Knives They are also available in a wide variety of colors to suit every taste. The Roadie represents a quantum leap in the evolution of modern pocketknife design and … Learn how your comment data is processed. Shop our complete collection of PM2 models and accessories below. I would like a more acute tip, personally. But couldn't bring myself to do it. Some knives have different ‘regions’ along their cutting edge, but Roadie’s consists of a single continues run of gentle belly. Trending at $154.00. At the far end of five years of talking, thinking, and fretting about knives, knowing more now than I ever have about steels, grinds, locks, etc., in a way I’ve never been further away from what first drew me to pocket knives in the first place. Handle length with the choil is 3-5/16”, and 2-7/8” without. I’d like to know how this knife directly compares to the Dragonfly, which is my present go-to small knife. Pointy tips are good! Required fields are marked *. Coming Soon! It’s airy and nimble, but thanks to the thick stock it still feels substantial enough to use with confidence. Your email address will not be published. Our Price: $56.00. I’ve never been an advocate of the watch pocket carry; I always thought it was one of those weird Knife Nerd affectations, like pocket sheaths or whipping out your folding knife to cut steak in a restaurant. In essence a highly evolved penknife, the Roadie's full flat-ground sheepfoot style blade features a new … Combined with the half-and-half choil, there isn’t much need to worry here. But the design of the Roadie is just so spot on. Even if you ask for more out of your EDC it’s a great backup knife or a people-friendly option for delicate situations. If I recall correctly, it never found much commercial success. They are also available in a wide variety of colors to suit every taste. The Roadie represents a quantum leap in the evolution of modern pocketknife design and … I recently picked up a Spyderco Roadie, which in my opinion has great stylish scales, and as I look at the UKPK Lightweight, I can’t help but feel like Spyderco missed the boat on this one.